About Us


We design and supply easy clean, unique antimicrobial touch point products which are specifically for healthcare, educational and commercial settings. Our products can help prevent the spread of healthcare associated infections, by providing clinically proven antimicrobial protection.

Global Problems

Healthcare associated infections (HCAIs) such as MRSA and E.Coli are transmitted through contact and are becoming progressively resistant to antibiotics. Furniture is a commonly used touch point and provides an area for transmission to occur. Seating, in particular, can be handled and used many times by numerous users between cleaning. Current healthcare seating is often made of porous textured materials which wear, stain and become embedded with dirt, enabling dangerous bacteria to harbour and spread. Made of multiple pieces, seating is poorly designed for cleaning with tight spaces and hollow cavities.

Our Solution

We have carefully designed the Steri-Core products to be easy to clean, making the removal of dirt the priority for the range. Our products are made from non-porous, ultra-durable, polypropylene which is quick and easy to wipe clean. Their solid one piece construction eliminates hard to clean internal cavities and tight crevasses, which collect dirt and harbour bacteria.

Your Benefits

By creating an antimicrobial barrier on a common touch point, our products break the chain of infection, helping to reduce the transmission and spread of HCAIs. Their easy clean design also reduces cleaning times and difficulties. They also incorporate a range of beneficial ergonomic features. Our products have no parts to maintain providing long term maintenance benefits with a 10 year guarantee.

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