Steri-Core™ Material

Antimicrobial to the Core

Our unique material and products can help prevent the spread of healthcare associated infections, by providing clinically proven antimicrobial protection at the point of contact.

We can manufacture existing products for client using our unique Steri-Core™ material to add a host of USP's to your products. Please contact us to discuss further.

Global Patent Pending

Kills NoroVirus

The worlds only material clinically proven to kill the EPA FCA Strain F9 of Human Norovirus. Patents Granted and Pending. Full test certificates available

Kills MRSA and e.Coli

MRSA resistance ISO 22196:2011 / E.Coli resistance ISO 22196:2011. Measurement of antibacterial activity on plastics and other non-porous surfaces. Full test certificates available


Ster-Core is Fungal Resistant. ISO 846:1997 Plastics: Evaluation of the action of micro-organisms (Fungi). Full test certificates available

Easy Clean

Following NHS guidance the material used in our products enables quick effective all over cleaning using: Detergents, Steam cleaning and Actichlor Plus

Non Porous

The non-porous polypropylene material stops dirt embedding and staining the surface. Making the removal of dirt and bacteria easier compared with traditional materials.

One Piece

Our chairs and door handles are one piece injection moulded polymer with rounded edges and no joints or joins.

UV Resistant

Products made with Steri-Core material will not fade making them perfect for indoor and outdoor use.


Our strong polymer material is built to withstand heavy usage on a daily basis. Providing you with long term protection.


All our products made with Steri-Core material are guaranteed for 10 years.